What is the difference between the shuttle service and a complete tour?

The shuttle service only provides a round trip transfer from a hotel, port, station or address in Naples.
The guided tour (i.e. the one in Pompeii) instead offers not only the transfer service, but also entrance tickets for the ruins of Pompeii (€ 15 per person) and a guided visit (about 2 hours) led by a licensed professional guide all included in the price.  

Why choose shuttle service?

The shuttle service is first and foremost the cheapest service but, at the same time, allows to be picked up at the hotel with an air conditioned mini-van and to reach comfortably the destination, avoiding the use of crowded and inefficient public transport connections.
In addition, the shuttle service allows those who want to explore the area on their own to reach the destination in group, enjoy their time and then rejoin the group only at a preset time for the return trip.

Why choose the guided tour?

The guided tour in group is a good compromise between an expensive private tour and a visit on your own. It consists of a 2-hour walk inside the archaeological excavations of the most famous site in the world with the assistance and a detailed explanation of an experienced and qualified tour guide.

The guarantee that the guide speaks no more than 2 languages ​makes the visit pleasant in the company of other tourists.

Why choose our company?

These services are provided by Project Napoli Service, a company with twenty years of experience in the field of excursions and tours. For 10 years, 365 days per year, we have been guaranteeing the best care, safety and honesty to Italian and foreign tourists. We work with professionalism and passion and our mission is to let our customers spend a pleasant day. Our team consists of young professionals, motivated and experienced people who are the added value to the services that we offer daily, and who have as their only goal that to leave a beautiful memory of the wonders that our city offers and of the time spent in our company.